No Room

No_Room400Mary and Joseph approach the innkeeper’s door

Limited Edition: 450

The scene in this oil painting took place two millenniums ago.

The town?  Bethlehem.

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People came in response to the decree of Caesar Augustus that everyone should return to their home town to be taxed.  Bethlehem was overflowing with people.  Joseph and Mary had to travel at a much slower pace than others who would have scoured the town for  lodging long before they arrived.

You see Joseph approaching the innkeeper’s door. Can you catch the strain in his voice as he asks for a room . . . any room . . . his wife is about to give birth!

“. . . . .  there was no room for them in the inn “  (Luke2:7).

Christmas carols, Christmas plays, Christmas cards, shop windows and some village squares seasonally depict the unimaginable birthplace of the Son of God . . . a manger!

From the beloved Christmas  carol, O Little Town of Bethlehem, we sing :

                                   Yet in thy dark streets shineth
                                             The Everlasting Light.
                                                       The hopes and fears of all the years
                                                                     Are met in thee tonight.

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Canvas Print (unframed) 12×16


Paper Print (unframed) 12×16