A winter oil painting of the historic childhood home of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie King.

Limited Edition: 450

Walk up the curving lane in the winter oil painting toward the historic home

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set back among the pines. Inhale the wood-scented air wafting from the fireside. Dream….of what it might have been like….to live in the secluded boyhood home of William Lyon Mackenzie King….the boy who became Canada’s tenth prime minister.

The ample acreage around the historic home with its mature trees gives it a sought-after tranquility, even though it is now in the heart of the City of Kitchener.

Within the walls of this historic home depicted in the oil painting, Christmas is a much prepared for event. The interior of the yellow brick home is decorated elegantly. Fragrant ropes of cedar scallop their way along the bannister of the handsome stairway, brightened by red velvet bows. Branches of pine grace the top edges of paintings which hang from a moulding on the wall. An evergreen wreath on the door speaks a welcome to all as they leave the chill of winter and enter the warmth and charm of Woodside. An abundance of homemade decorations grace the floor-to-ceiling Christmas tree. Its strings of popcorn brightened every so far with a cranberry give a touch of yesteryear.

Volunteers in period costume are baking cookies in the kitchen range, cookies such as Mrs. King would have made. They hand out reproductions of a handwritten recipe, as well as a fresh cookie and cup of hot cider to visitors. The roped-off dining room is such an inviting sight, with its hand-painted lamps and a table set with magnificent silver serving dishes, linens, bone china, and an abundance of gleaming silverware. Someone plays Silent Night on the pump organ, accompanied by a violinist.The sights, the sounds, the aroma, the taste of Christmas past!

Mackenzie King served twenty-one years (from 1921-1926, 1926-1930, and 1935-1948), which was the longest of any prime minister in any country with a parliamentary form of government.

Mackenzie King guided Canada to independence and equality with other nations of the British Commonwealth. He strengthened the unity between English-speaking and French-speaking Canadians, and skillfully led Canada through World War II. Mackenzie King established old age pensions for Canadians.

Short, stocky, and shy, Mackenzie King did not look like the great statesman he was. A lifelong bachelor, he never sought personal popularity, and had a great love for the outdoors.

“I’ve always found,” he once said, “that you can control people much better if you don’t see too much of them.”

Has this winter oil painting helped you imagine a little about the atmosphere that Wm. Lyon McKenzie King grew up in?

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Canvas Print (unframed) 24×16


Paper Print (unframed) 24×16